Reduction in Class Sizes


Although class size averages for third grade and lower have come down to 24:1 by the 2017/2018 school year, these numbers are still too high, and the maximum class sizes for the other grades (33 and 37) also make it more difficult for our students to learn. There are several benefits to lower class sizes like more efficient collaboration with teachers and students as well as minimized disruptions. 

Listening and Acting on Behalf of Stakeholders


HUSD's students, parents, teachers, counselors, and classified staff should not only have their voices recognized but showcased in the decision-making processes. Too often it appears that the board rubberstamps policies and procedures of district-level administration and dismissing pleas of stakeholders. HUSD needs to actively reach out to stakeholders beyond LCAP meetings to address their very real concerns like the increasing difficulties of completing IEP paperwork and concerns for student social justice.

Student and Staff Health and Safety


Students and staff of HUSD have a right to come to safe and clean campuses, and this is especially important as the district considers how campuses will reopen and maintain themselves in the Fall. The parent survey, CSEA, HTA, and the CDC guidelines as well as the status of COVID 19 cases in the area should be central to the decision-making process. HUSD should give resources and time to support students in managing their social and emotional well-being.

Fiscal Accountability and Recruitment


Staff of HUSD have been paying out-of-pocket expenses for their health and welfare benefits to the point where many of them are actually making less money over time even as the cost of living goes up. This is a poor way to retain and hire excellent staff for our students. The district needs to be held accountable for things they budget outside the scope of students' needs and association bargained goals. 

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